Zero Eight One SPLIT 7"

by Spirits

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released May 13, 2016



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Spirits Boston, Massachusetts

Boston. The Straight Edge. Making Friends Around The World. Posi Jumps.


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Track Name: Ich Bin Ein Außenseiter (I Am An Outsider)
Think before you speak, it's common decency, waste your breath on jokes for cheap laughs, writing checks your mouth can't cash, mock a lifestyle you don't understand, terrorize a person because of their skin? I can't fucking stand it, speak to me like a human being, or don't bother speaking at all, I'll never understand cutting someone down, for a cheap laugh I'll just stand blankly and stare
And when you see my face (hey hey) I wanna see that dead look in your eyes
Track Name: Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)
Time never erases the past, it only make it more prevalent, and while I'm coming in dead last, it only makes mistakes more relevant but I've changed,
I work with my hands while you hurt with your hands, I'm pushing for change while you stay estranged, and it's so strange the way time will change the way one thinks, sees the world and the lives we choose to lead, and I can't completely hate all the mistakes that I have made, they have helped form the person I am today

Growing out of old mindsets, but never growing up, you forced yourself to be, what they wanted you to be

it's so strange the way time will change the way one thinks, sees the world and the way we choose to be, and I can't completely hate my mistakes, they have helped form the person I am today

Ill never stop pushing for change
Track Name: Die Hand Die Verletzt (The Hand That Wounds)
When the hammer falls their blood will be on your hands

Innocent standing by, their short lives are ending, your silence screams at me, it's fucking deafening

And If you won't hear their cries I'll make Damn sure you hear mine

With every move you make tear their whole lives away, each new step you take I hear bones crack and break, with each last breath they take my heart exasperates, how many more innocent lives can you justify?
Watch the world you create, built on lies and fakes, leave your children to bleed out the ultimate mistake, your earth will be depleted, your race will be defeated, as you sit back and lie to blind to see

If you look at the statistics your meat consumption is destroying your "perfect vision"

Carry on carry on with your useless tradition
sing a song sing a song about your righteous decision
carry on carry on with a lifetime full of oppression
sing a song sing a song about how you'll never second guess it

Ignorance isn't bliss, you're fucking chicken shit, at the bottom of a cage can't fucking live like this