Tomar Control and Die Faster SPLIT 7"

by Spirits

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Split 7" with Peru's TOMAR CONTROL! Three new songs from each band being pressed at the UK's own Speed-O-Wax Records! Two colors of vinyl available, both limited to 125 copies each. Pre-order it here: tinyurl . com / zbcqeaa (just get rid of the spaces between the letters!)

Split 7" with Virginia's DIE FASTER! Three new songs from each band being pressed by STATE OF MIND RECORDINGS in the USA. One color of Vinyl with 3 separate block-printed versions of the cover. Pre-order it here: tinyurl . com / zr364zy (just get rid of the spaces between the letters!)

Note that these songs are the exact same songs that appear on our side of both the TOMAR CONTROL and the DIE FASTER split 7" so we're only providing one, joint download, for both so that you don't have to snag the exact same record twice and so that we don't lose out on our free download allotment here on Bandcamp. Cool? Cool.


released March 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Spirits Boston, Massachusetts

Boston. The Straight Edge. Making Friends Around The World. Posi Jumps.


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Track Name: Cracks In Our Unity
we love so sparingly and hate so generously. there's cracks in our unity. up the power ante. flaws arise that weren’t there before. no one cared before. you use your pedestal to enhance yourself and not the lives around you, one day your fallacies will come to find you.
Track Name: Shelf Life
every morning, i wake up with indecision about a life where you're forced to make a decision. to work with your hands or wash your brain in their sink. forced to stand and not to think and i won’t. less what you love more what they need, to feed their mouths and to fuel their greed. i stand in defiance of this life of compliance. your useless tradition will die with my generation. i can't force myself to hold your values. to treat my life like some product on a shelf and i can’t change.
Track Name: Blizzard of 2015
i watch the city crumble from poor preparation leaving lives in destitution. a reflection of your money well spent and for those who can't afford rent; a death sentence under seven feet of snow. survival of the fittest, but I bare witness to a corrupt system where the sky is the limit for unjust living conditions. are you really living or are you dying on the streets? are you dreaming or selling yourself to make ends meet? i, for one, have nothing to show for my hours digging this hole.